Disabled Access

The Festival d’Avignon commits to make sure that disabled people are not excluded from culture by progressively integrating specific measures.

Disabled Access

Better access for disabled people to the venues of the Festival, specific training so that our staff can answer the needs of disabled spectators, increase in the number of shows that are subtitled, but also use of connected glasses with built-in surtitles, video description… Making the Festival more accessible is a concrete challenge.

To know more: accessibilite(at)festival-avignon.com

Video description

The Festival d’Avignon offers video description for a show every edition. Programmes in large print and in braille are available at the venue.

For more information about video description and set visits: accesibilite@festival-avignon.com

About twenty blind and visually impaired people were able to attend the shows The Bank in the Dark by Pascal Quignard and Marie Vialle in 2016 and Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes by Thomas Quillardet in 2017, The Buddha in the Attic, after visiting the set with director Richard Brunel in 2018 and L'Amour vainqueur by Olivier Py in 2019.

Video description at the Festival d’Avignon is supported by the Fondation Raze and implemented with the help of the association Accès Culture. The Festival has also committed to lend its video description equipment to parter structures in the Region to help disabled people.

In French and English, available and downloadable from this site, detailed maps of the site now allow the public to better orient themselves.

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Surtitles and French sign language

Every year, many shows are naturally accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people, such as very visual dance shows and foreign shows with French surtitles.

The Festival team offers a list of shows to help spectators choose.

In 2018, for the first time, the entire programme presentation by Olivier Py was translated into French sign language. Here’s a short video of the presentation of the 2018 programme with surtitles and French sign language translation.

The Benoît XII hall is also equipped with an audio system for the hearing-impaired.